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Autumn Flower Show

The 34th Eastington Autumn Flower Show



To be Held in the Village Hall

On Saturday 3rd   September 2016

2pm - 3.30pm

Admission 20p


Classes 23-26 sponsored by: R & C Harris

Classes 27-36 sponsored by: KB Coaches, Eastington Tel:01453 8225774

Classes 43-53 sponsored by: R & C Harris

Section E & Classes 59-60 sponsored by: Mrs Q Jones

Classes 1-6 sponsored by: Dursley Slimming World Group Tel: 07772273337

Classes 7-11B sponsored by: Mr W Fletcher

Class 12 & 22 A & B sponsored by: Borders, Lawns and Trees Garden Maintenance.

Classes 13-17 sponsored by: Mrs R Barnfield

Classes 37-42A sponsored by: Mr & Mrs J Underwood


Stroud Building Society Perpetual Challenge Cup to the exhibitor obtaining the most points in the show.

Presidents Perpetual Challenge Cup  to the exhibitor obtaining the most points in Section c.  

Trophy to runner up for presidents cup.

Presidents Rose Bowl to the lady exhibitor obtaining the most points in the show. Trophy to the runner up for the Rose Bowl.

Dr R R Wethered Shield for the best exhibit in Class 34.

The Bill Fletcher Shield for the most points in Section C.

Perpetual Trophy for the most points in Section D.

Perpertual Trophy for the most points in Class 55.

The Neal Perpetual Trophy  for the best exhibit in children’s Class 56.

Joan Parkes Trophy for the best exhibit in Section F.

The Parish Council Trophy for best exhibit in Class 57.

The Moss Trophy for the best exhibit in Class 58.

Mr & Mrs J Underwood Trophy for the most points in Classes 37-42

J Bridges Perpetual Trophy for most points in Classes 6,7,9-11

The Chris Haines Memorial for best Orchid in Show, Class 42

Best Runner Bean in show sp. by Borders Lawns Trees Garden Maintenance (Class 12)

The Village Hall Cup awarded to best allotment – Class 62


  1. The hall will be open to exhibitors from  9am on the morning of the show.  All exhibits must be staged by 11am at which time all exhibitors must leave the hall.  Presentation of trophies at 3.30pm - no exhibit to be removed before  3.30pm.
  2. Exhibitors cards corresponding to the entries will be handed to exhibitors by the show secretary and exhibitors will be responsible for the proper placing of their cards with their exhibits.  An exhibitor may only enter one exhibit per class.  Each exhibitor using separate entry forms.
  3. Exhibitors must provide their own bowls, vases etc for display of their exhibit.  All exhibits entered must be staged.
  4. The judges may modify or withhold any award if the exhibits do not merit the prizes offered.
  5. Any unfair means to obtain a prize will forfeit all claims to prizes.
  6. The judge’s decision is final.
  7. The committee cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to any exhibit or accessories to an exhibit.  It reserves the right to move any exhibit to assist display.
  8. CLOSING DATE FOR ENTERIES   11am, 3rd September 2016



Section F – The Eastington Allotment Society Section


(61)  Collection  of the best produce from your allotment.  Maximum of 5 items.

(62) Best overall allotment – to be judged prior to show date.

Section G – Homemade wine, beer or cider

Gift voucher for winner generously donated by Robert Russell

(63) Bottle of homemade wine, beer or cider.

Section A


(1)   Potatoes - Kidney, Oval or Round, White - 4

(2)   Potatoes - Kidney, Oval or Round, Red - 4

(3)   Carrots - Long - 4

(4)   Carrots - Short - 4

(5)   Beet - Round - 3

(6)   Onions - Spring Sown Flat - 4

(7)   Onions - Spring Sown Globe - 4

(8)   Shallots - Large - 8

(9)   Shallots - Pickling under 1” - 8

(10) Onions - Large Dressed - 4

(11) Onions – Red - 4

(12) Runner Beans – 6

(13) Table Marrows - Any Size - pair

(14) Plate of 6 mixed tomatoes

(15) Tomatoes - Outdoor Grown - Red - 6

(16) Tomatoes - Outdoor Grown - Green - 6

(17) Tomatoes - Greenhouse - Red - 6

(18) Cherry Tomatoes - Greenhouse - Red - 6

(19) Cucumber - Ridge - 2

(20) Cucumber - Telegraph - 2

(21) Courgette, under 6” – 2

(22) Collection of vegetables - see rules below

(22A) Children’s Collection of Vegetables (Up to 16 years) – see rules below

Collection of vegetable rules:

1 – Vegetables to be shown in standard size seed tray

2 – Pick 3 from the following  vegetables: Potatoes(3), Carrots(3),

                              Runner Beans (6), Tomatoes(3), Onions (3)

3 – Make sure you have the right quantity of each vegetable

4 – Parsley & raffia may be used to assist your display

5 – Carrots to be trimmed to 2 inches

6 – Larger trays or wrong amount of vegetables will be disqualified

7 – The judge’s decision is final

Sections and Classes

Section B


(23) Pears - 4

(24) Cooking Apples - 4

(25) Dessert Apples - 4

Section C


(26) Asters, Blooms in vase - 6

(27) Chrysanthemums, Any variety, Blooms -4

(28) Chrysanthemums, Any variety, Spray -1

(29) Dahlias, Pom Pom, Blooms - 4

(30) Dahlias, Decorative, Blooms - 4

(31) Dahlias, Cacti, Blooms - 4

(32) Gladioli - Spikes - 3

(33) Gladioli - Spike - 1

(34) Roses, Blooms - 4

(35) Rose, Bloom - 1

(36) Vase of cut mixed flowers, Quality of flowers only will be judged

(37) Spray of Floribunda or Polyanthus Roses

(38) Ladies Wedding Spray

(39) Pot plant for flower

(40) Pot Cacti

(41) Pot Succulent

(42) Pot Orchid

Section D


(43) Home made Chutney - Pot

(44) Home made Lemon Curd

(45) Home made Jam - Pot of soft fruit

(46) Home made Jam - Pot Stone fruit

(47) One small pot - Any Jelly

(48) Scones - Any variety - 4

(49) Small Tarts, Jam, open - 4

(50) Home made loaf, White using 1lb of Flour - 1

(51) Home made loaf, Brown using 1lb of flour - 1

(52) Victoria Sponge, 7” round - 3 eggs with their weight in fat, flour & castor sugar.

(52a) Cake made with vegetable i.e. carrot, beetroot, courgette. Decoration optional.

(53) Fruit Cake, 7” round, deep tin, 6oz margarine, 5oz sugar, 3 eggs, 9ozs self raising       flour, 10oz mixed fruit ( incl. Cherries), 1 teaspoon salt, ½ teaspoon almond essence,       1 level teaspoon mixed spice, little milk.


Section E

Children’s Classes - Up to 16 years.


(54) A picture colored to your choice (Available from the Village post office to colour during the summer holidays). Please write name and age on the back.

(55) Animal made out of fruit or vegetables

(56) A piece of jewelry made to your own design

(57) Decorate a pebble (own design and choice of materials)

(58) Fairy Cakes - decorated to your choice – 4

Fun classs

(59) Longest Runner Bean

(60) Any other comical vegetable


Entry forms to be sent, together with entry fees, 20p each class (except 54 – 58, & 22A, which are free)  to the show secretary, or handed to any committee member.

Additional entry forms available from the show secretary.

Hints to exhibitors:

Read the schedule carefully and be sure that you enter the correct number of specimens in each class.  Prize money to be collected on the day of the show.

Closing date for entries 11am, 3rd September 2016


CLASS NUMBER                         CLASS NUMBER                                CLASS NUMBER

I HEREBY CERTIFY that all the articles referred to have been produced by me in my own garden or allotment, or made by me.


Exhibitors Name:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



Total remittance:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  All the following information  and entry form can be downloaded (pdf)


SECRETARY:          Mrs S Underdown

3 Middlecroft,

Eastington, GL10 3SG.

Tel: 01453 823285

STEWARD:               Mrs Q Jones

PRESIDENT:              Lt. Cdr. W. R. Harris

CHAIRPERSON:        Mr D Haines

TREASURER:            Mr W Fletcher

                                        Tel: 01453 828507


AWARDS:      1st - £1              2nd – 50p             3rd – 25p

POINTS:        3                       2                         1

No. 158  Aug-Sept   2016

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