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Everyone was taking pictures, I was then asked to be seated and I was crowned the 107th May Queen by Miss Greening!

I felt really happy and excited, but as I had to smile all the time on the stage, when I got home my jaw was aching!

I am Lucy Heskins and I was recently voted as the 2016 May Queen at Eastington Primary School.

On Thursday the 19th of May, 11 year 6 girls went around all of the classes and delivered a speech on why they should be May Queen. Every child in the school got to vote who they thought would make a good May Queen and ambassador for the school in 2016.

On Friday the 20th May, in the morning before our first lesson, we found out who was the 107th May Queen! As Miss Gulliford (my teacher) was speaking, I was really nervous - my heart was beating really fast as all of the other girls’ would have been. When Miss Gulliford said it was me, I was so happy - I was really proud that I was the May Queen of 2016 and that I would be in the memory of Eastington School.

During the first lesson, I went and said well done to all of the other girls that also wanted to be May Queen because it was a nerve wracking thing to do, especially as we were going through the process of delivering the speeches!

All of the girls that did not get May Queen had the very important job of choosing all of the attendants.

The week went by really quickly, it was soon Friday the 27th of May (it was the day!)

At 2:30, my mum and all of the attendants’ parents arrived to get us ready; I had my hair curled by my mum - it took about an hour to get all of us ready! Not long after, Ms Avastu came and collected us, we got down stairs and I linked my arm around Ms Avastu’s arm and we walked around the playground with her ringing the bell.

Overall it was a brilliant day and I loved it so much!

By Lucy Heskins - year 6 at Eastington Primary.

No. 158  Aug-Sept   2016

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