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Class 3 have been thinking about starting a new academic year.  Year 4 children are enjoying being older, responsible members of the class and Year 3 children are excited to have joined Key Stage 2!    Here are some of their thoughts:-

Going for Goals

All the children have decided personal targets that they would like to achieve this year. They have shared them with their talk partners and have promised to encourage each other in achieving them.  Here are some of their aims:-

“I want to do well at maths and sentence writing” by Oliver.

“I would like to improve my history and science” by Harrison.

“I’m determined to improve my reading” by Sophie.

“I want to improve my story writing” by Millie.

“I would like to get better at spelling” by Emelia.

“I want to make my handwriting smaller and neater” by Eilan.

“I aim to improve my music skills” by  Hero.  

“My target is always to be a good friend” by Piers.

We look forward to reviewing everyone’s targets by the end of Term 1 and see how all of Class 3 are getting on.

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