Steve Mills’ Papers

Steve has authored several books and written many papers published by the Gloucestershire Society for Industrial Archaeology.    His main area of study has been associated with the Mills and industry in Gloucestershire.

Listed below are a selection of those articles that most directly relate to the history of Eastington, from some of which the ECN articles are derived, but which can be read in full at links given.  

Other articles can be found by searching the GSIA website.

GSIA Journal articles

1989 Beard's Mill Viaduct                   

1991 Beards Mill and the Mender's Shop (Leonard                   

1991 Leonard Stanley Tannery, A Preliminary Report                   

1998 Fromebridge Mill, Frampton-on-Severn                   

1999 The Mystery of Cloth Manufacture at Fromebridge Mill                   

2000 Millend Mill, Eastington - the Past and the Future                   

2002 The Rise and Fall of Henry Hicks, Clothier of Eastington                   

2007 The Impact of the Stroudwater Canal

              on the Domestic and Commercial Life of Eastington    


*2008 Henry Hicks – A Man of Wide Horizons

            nominated for Brian Gerrard Award for best local history article,

           Gloucestershire Community Council                          

2009   A Lost Cricket Bat Willow Plantation in Leonard Stanley  


2010 Millend Mill – The End of an Era – Part 1              

2011 Millend Mill – Part 2: The Boulton & Watt Engine House              

PhD Thesis

University of Leicester. 1997.

Title: The origins, development, decline and reuse of the cloth mills of the Stroud Valleys of Gloucestershire



The Mills of Gloucestershire. 1989. Barracuda Books

Gloucestershire Mills in Camera. 1991. Quotes Limited.

A Guide to the Industrial Archaeology of Gloucestershire (contributing author).                                                                        1992. GSIA publication.  

Gloucestershire at Work. 1997. Sutton Publishing.

Exploring Gloucestershire’s Industrial Heritage (contributing author).

                                                                      2005. GSIA publication.


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