Inside this Issue:

There has certainly been a lot going

on in the parish and there's lots

more to come as we head towards


The 'news flash!'  tells the

story about the Eastington Balloon

Crash of 2015... the evening the

lights went out! Thanks to Rupert,

Charlie and Theo for an amusing

account of the event. Thankfully

no-­one was hurt.

We hear from our new District

Councillor, Stephen Davies -

We look forward to regular updates

from Stephen in ECN.

There are numerous events

happening in and around the parish.

One to note is the 'Headmasters

Silver Jubilee Duck Races' on Sunday

28th June. 

It's always good to hear from the

many active groups in our Parish

and ECN is a great way to tell people what's happening, and also

to celebrate events and successes,

so keep sending us your news and


We have a special  'thank

you' note to a kind resident who

handed in a lost book bag to the

School  - see below -Lovely to hear there

are such kind people in our parish.

Stephen Mills, presents another

excellent update on the history and

news about Millend Mill 

We also hear about the plans for

canal boats to travel the canal

through Eastington once again by

recreating the 'missing mile'. Make

a note of the meeting and

exhibition in Eastington on Saturday

27th June.

And here for a flower

themed wordsearch for our

younger readers  Perhaps

you've seen some of these flowers

in and around Eastington parish?

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News Flash! 

Eastington Balloon Crash

Westfield Bridge

      the 'missing mile'

Millend Mill 

    -­  history and news

Ballon at Middle Street Millend Mill Canal Restoration

I wish to thank the very kind gentleman that found my daughter Amelia's book bag outside his house on Monday afternoon, and he then returned it to school on Thursday of the same week.
He didn't leave his name at school, and so I am unable to thank him personally.  So, I would like to express my gratitude and thanks here in Eastington Community News. 
Many thanks,  Anne Hudd 

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