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We are Severnside Cubs

based in Frampton on Severn,

Cubs are aged between 8–10½ years.

At Cubs we have a wide and varied programme, these are some of the things we have done so far this year........

At the start of the year we went to visit Tesco's and completed farm to fork trail. We had a tour behind the scenes and learnt about the sugar content in some foods.  All cubs had the opportunity to make their own muesli and fruit kebabs and lots of fun was had by all.  

We also came away with the all important Farm to Fork badge!!

We have had some fun evenings at the scout hut, looking at problem solving (how do you lift a cup using only a balloon if you can't touch the cup), building a tower from spaghetti and marshmallows strong enough to hold a tomato.

We also did some experiments, including milk swirls, 'lava' lamps, exploding bags and turning eggs 'rubbery'.

A particular favourite was making a simple electrical circuit – a lightbulb moment you might say!!!!

Our local tennis club in Frampton on Severn invited us to spend an evening experiencing tennis.  Despite being very cold and raining we all had a great time.

Jointly with Severnside beavers we went to visit RAF Cosford Museum to complete Air Activities Badge - was a great coach trip and lots of fun.

Along with Beavers we had a great time sleeping over at Gobananas, exploring into the night when no one other than Cubs and Beavers in the building was great fun, before finding somewhere fun to sleep (like at the bottom of a slide) with friends for the night.

Nothing like waking up and having a big play area right there!!!  Great unforgettable memories.

We have a fun summer term ahead of us with activities including Fishing, a visit to Shipton Mill, Cycling and a 2 day summer camp!!!

Severnside Cubs have limited spaces available,

please email for more information.

We usually camp at Slimbridge WWT every year, unfortunately due to bad weather our overnight camp was cancelled but we all enjoyed plan B which involved a hike along the canal from frampton to slimbridge followed by some volunteer work on the reserve (towards badges).  We then had some time to explore slimbridge and learn about all the wonderful birds and wildlife they have there.

No. 163  Jun-Jul  2017

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