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Snakey Park

Snakey Park - Eastington Playground Project


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Eastington Playground Project aims to provide an inspiring play area

for all ages in Eastington.

Snakey Park update - 1 ;  Skate Ramps

The last few months have been really exciting for us as we have been able to see lots of new developments!

The Biggest and most exciting development has of course been the installation of the skate ramps, at the time of writing the ramps themselves are complete but we still need to put in a rubbish bin and sign.

We are also going to have some top of the range CCTV covering the skate area as well as the park and car park, this will hopefully help us insure the area remains safe and pleasant for all users.

The grass seed around the ramps will take a little while to grow so please keep off the mud!

The grand opening will take place in July with skills day taking place ran by the brilliant people from Rush, so do come along with your wheels and test out the ramps!

Please try to remember that our ramps are harder than your head and head injuries can be life changing, so wear a helmet.  Parents have a big role to play here, please don’t let your kids leave the house without one.

Get it right…..


We are so happy to see the play ground being so well used and looked after.  

Small things make a big difference to the feel of the play area, for example the users of the park are brilliant at keeping litter under control. We think this is firstly because people are good at remembering to put it in the bin, but secondly we also know what we have a band of brilliant visitors who happily pick up anything they happen to find. We know that when the area is clean people are less likely to drop litter so wanted to say a big thank you to all our unofficial helpers!

Developments continue this spring, most excitingly we have installed a substantial climbing frame which has proved popular with young and old alike.

The wooden design is non-linear and allows the user to make their own way around and across it, taking as little or as much risk as they feel comfortable with.

We have also installed some steps to make the slide easer to access and some matting by the side of the slide to help reduce bank erosion.

Increasingly the park is proving popular with picnickers so help make the park a little more pleasant in the heat we have installed a sail shade.

However we are not quite done yet! The baby swings should be in place in time for the second May bank holiday, with an innovatively designed round about appearing about 5 weeks later, hopefully in time for the summer holidays.

Snakey Park is ran by volunteers with the support of Eastington Parish Council. If the Easter holidays are anything to go by we are expecting this summer to be busy in the park and we never turn away the offer of help!

Park Rangers

If you would like to be involved we are offering a training session on Wednesday 16th June at 6:30. -  it shouldn’t take more than an hour.   Volunteers are needed to help with weekly inspections and bin emptying, you can commit as little or as much as you like, if you are interested in helping the project please get in touch with us at or via our facebook page.

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